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Skene' Texts and Studies - Studies II


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Founded in 2014 as a supplement to Skenè. Journal of Theatre and Drama Studies Skenè. Texts and Studies is an online and print-on-demand series of volumes including annotated editions of drama texts and primary sources on the theory, practice, and history of theatre and drama as well as original book-length studies on the theory and practice of drama. The series also aims at furthering original research by producing texts hitherto unpublished.

General Editors: Guido Avezzù, Silvia Bigliazzi

Editorial Board: Chiara Battisti, Simona Brunetti, Sidia Fiorato, Felice Gambin, Alessandro Grilli, Nicola Pasqualicchio, Susan Payne, Cristiano Ragni, Emanuel Stelzer, Gherardo Ugolini

Managing Editors: Valentina Adami, Cristiano Ragni

The series includes three sections:TEXTS, STUDIES I, and STUDIES II.

Skenè. Texts and Studies, is a CC-BY 4.0 publication (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). This Licence allows others to share the work with an acknowledgement of the work’s authorship and initial publication in this Series, providing a link to the Licence and explicitly underlining any change (mention of DOI is required).

This is a peer reviewed series. ISSN 2464-9295

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Leon Modena's Kinah Shemor
Autore:  Micha Lazarus

Collana:  Skene' Texts and Studies - Studies II (6)

In 1584, shortly after his bar-mitzvah, the young Italian Jew Leon Modena (1571-1648) composed an eight-line poem so remarkable that it has never been rivalled in its own genre. ...

Action, Song, and Poetry
Musical and Poetical Meta-performance in Aristophanes and Ben Jonson

Autore:  Alessandro Grilli, Francesco Morosi

Collana:  Skene' Texts and Studies - Studies II (5)

That a strong relationship must have existed between Ben Jonson’s theatre works and Aristophanes’ plays is a long-standing scholarly commonplace. The question, however, has hardly ever been approached from a truly comparative perspective, taking into account the ...

‘The Operation of Individual Judgement’: in Praise of Critical Editing
Autore:  Sonia Massai

Collana:  Skene' Texts and Studies - Studies II (3)

The topic of the inaugural ‘Alessandro Serpieri Lecture’ from which this essay developed – what ‘critical editing’ means and how it affects current editorial practice – reflects areas of research interest that defined this scholar’s lifework and that ...